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Thread: Sealing Food Saver Canisters-How?

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    Sealing Food Saver Canisters-How?

    Help, please! I just got my canisters from Amazon, and I am not sure how to tell if they are sealed enough. I have the 550, and I was able to seal the large canister enough so that I couldn't get the lid off - and heard air hiss out when I pushed the gray button on the lid...but how much is enough? I never had the light go on on my machine.

    (I lost my manual...can you tell? )

    Thanks a lot - I'm excited about using this feature for the Food Saver...correctly!


    (And by the way, besides salad, what else can I use these for? My regular Rubbermaid canisters are fine for my baking supplies, so I wouldn't use them there.)

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    The light should come on when a complete seal has been achieved. I've found that it takes a long time to seal the canisters. The real test is whether you can pull the lid off.

    I use mine for coffee and nuts. I use bags and mason jars for most things, though.
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    I don't know which model I have (sorry) but on mine you just press the button until it stops - that is when it is finished. Right before it stops the light comes on. [I recently had to teach DH this, since he was just giving it a few seconds - men!]

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    As Tami stated when the light goes off it should be sealed and if you try to pull the cover off and can't then you know its sealed. I have a few canisters but use wide mouth canning jars for just about everything that I store in my cupboards.....all kinds of nuts, dried fruits, breadcrumbs, rice(s), large quantities of spices, cornmeal, oatmeal, brown sugar(s), vanilla sugar, coffee, etc., etc. Each jar is also labeled. They look like perfect little solders all lined up!

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    Thanks for the ideas! I think we've got it figured out now. I'm so glad I got this Food Saver...especially when I package meat and I know it will stay in great shape until I need to defrost it. I haven't dealt with freezer burn at all since we switched over to this method.


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