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Thread: When does the next issue come out?

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    Question When does the next issue come out?

    I never know when to expect my next issue of Cooking Light and it drives me crazy! A lot of magazines save a page towards the back to let you know what is coming up next month and when it will hit news stands. But I have never found one in CL. Does anyone know when the next one is coming?

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    Check out the food board, slknight got hers today. She's in Maine if my memory serves.
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    I got mine today. Of course, I got my J/F one about 2 weeks ago.
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    Not soon enough!

    It is such a loooooong wait for the March issue. I keeping hoping that CL will go to true monthly publications and have a separate Feb issue.

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    I agree Robin! I would have loved a February issue. If I had a choice, I'd rather they skip the December issue, since everyone is so busy during the holiday season.

    It seems like the CL issues get mailed in different batches. Many BBers got theirs today but I don't usually see mine until the 25th, and I know I am not the last one. There is probably a 10 day spread and it doesn't seem to necessary depend on where you live.

    I usually have a list of recipes to try based on the reviews from the BB before I even receive my issue!
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    Hopefully soon!

    I am used to getting my issues around the 20th of the mo. that it is suppose to be..Like if it's a March issue I get it around March 20-30.. It is torture reading this board at times because I wanna get my "present" in the mail and read it first, lol. I try to avoid posts about the recipes I should have when everyone else does
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