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Thread: Birthday gift ideas needed for 13 year old boy

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    Birthday gift ideas needed for 13 year old boy

    My nephew is turning 13 this month and I am at a loss for gift ideas. I asked my sister and she suggested this box set of books by Lemony Snickett, which I bought. Anyway, I'd like to buy him another little gift (around $25-$30) but I'm at a total loss.

    I feel like I'm always buying him gift certificates, so I'd like to avoid that if possible. Yes, he has a video game system but my whole family is buying him games for his birthday. I want to be the "cool aunt" but it seems that everything I think is cool isn't very cool these days

    Does anyone who has a 13 year old boy, or is close to one, have suggestions?

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    I'll ask my son tonight and let you know, but some ideas of the top of my head...

    Copies of his favorite movies (either DVD or VHS). You can even go for older movies he hasn't seen. My son liked Time Bandits, 1941, the Austin Power movies, etc

    Replacement headphones, batteries for his walkman

    I know you said you didn't want gift certificates...but how about to McDonalds or Baskin Robbins (for after school/weekend treats). Movie passes are good too.

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    I know it's SO hard to buy for boys that age - I had to do it in October, and had the hardest time.

    I think Tyra's idea of a nice new set of headphones for his discman is a good idea (if he's into music). I know a boy who turned 13 in October, and he would have loved that.

    What types of stuff is he into? Does he like skating (skateboarding or rollerblading), skiing or snowboarding? For skating you could get him a nice, new set of wheels from a skate shop - just ask for a good brand, and they should be able to help you. Or for skiing or snowboarding, you could get him a cool hat or goggles, but those can be expensive sometimes.

    The thing is though, I bet he would have NO problem if you just asked him for a CD or two he would like. Sometimes that's a safer bet than gambling and possibly getting him something he'll never use.
    You could just say, "hey, I got you one present, but I'd really like to get you something I know you'll love", and maybe he'll tell you (hopefully it won't be hundreds of dollars )

    Good luck!
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    My 11 1/2 year old likes getting CD's, movies and basketballs. He can never have enough basketballs it seems. Oh, some boys like clothes - especially sport shirts of their favorite players or teams.

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    My sons like sports stuff, too. And movies/DVDs are good too. One of my sons likes sports-themed clothes and another likes skater shirts.

    I just looked at my 15-yr-old's christmas list (it's saved on the computer ) and he had: football and basketball (pro-sized), a hoody sweatshirt, batting gloves, movies: signs, rat race, a knight's tale, monty python & the holy grail.
    I can't find my 14-yr-old's list, but I know he had clothes listed from abercrombie kids and some skating website. He also likes models of cars (the kind you glue together and paint).
    We also have an electronic dart board that they really enjoy playing with.

    They all love boxers, too! Joe Boxer or the Gap or whatever seem to be really "cool"

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    Mine just turned 13 a week ago. His life is video games. Though he's taking piano lessons, he isn't really into music at all, so on a kid like him, CDs would be wasted. He's not much into conventional team sports either (he's a great swimmer, is interested in archery right now, and skis.) Choosing clothes for him would be risky business. One of the gifts he liked from a friend at his last birthday was a walkie-talkie. Many of his friends simply gave him $$, which though unimaginative, he thought was great.

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    I know here one of the cool brands of clothes is Volcan which is a line of clothing made by "extreme" athletes--particularly snowboarding surfing etc. You should definately be able to get a T-shirt for $20.
    Or how about a new pair of Reef flip flops? Those run about $20. They come out with new strap styles all the time. Very popular here.

    OK OK, so Yes I do live in Florida--in a beach town! It just occured to me that you might be ready for summer quite yet. LOL

    Anyway I think that around age 13 is when brands really start to become very important. So I would say any clothing item that is a cool brand would be an appreciated gift.

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    I asked my son. His suggestions were what you already got. CDs, movies, video games.

    Good luck.

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