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Thread: Subbing ground mustard for mustard seed?

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    Subbing ground mustard for mustard seed?

    Does anyone have suggestions for the ratio of this sub? I have searched high and low for mustard seed today- and already have my ingredients - so I can't wait for a pensey's order - but the recipe callsfor mustard seed - and I can only find ground mustard. I've done web-searches galore. Any ideas? All suggestions welcome.


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    I like this site for info on substitutions. This recommends wasabi or horseradish as substitutes for mustard seed.

    mustard seeds Notes: Mustard seeds have a hot, pungent flavor. Yellow mustard seeds are the ones you'll most likely find in American and European kitchens. They're often ground and made into prepared mustard or added to stews and sauces to give them some zip. Indian cooks usually prefer the smaller and more pungent brown mustard seeds or black mustard seeds. When recipes call simply for mustard, they may be referring to prepared mustard, the condiment we like to put on hot dogs. When crushed, mustard seeds are very pungent, but Indian cooks fry them in oil, which makes them sweet and mild. Substitutes: wasabi powder OR horseradish

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    the seeds are far different from the ground mustard, so I would go with one of the substitutions recommended by

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