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Thread: Why are things freezing in my refrigerator?

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    Why are things freezing in my refrigerator?

    We have a fairly new (4 years) Maytag refrigerator (freezer on top, no icemaker). Anything that I put near the back of the shelves freezes. Frozen pickles, anyone? Frozen mayonnaise? Yuck! I first thought that maybe it was because my freezer was overloaded and air wasn't circulating properly. I now have a separate freezer, so my refrigerator's freezer is about 3/4 full, but not packed. I make sure that there is room all around the "stuff" for air to circulate. I've also turned down the "coldness" indicator several times. I'm now down to 2 (out of 10). I don't have a thermometer in there, but really don't want to turn it down more than that. At the mid-point (5), everything was freezing.

    I've looked in the manual that came with the refrigerator, and there is no reference to freezing food in the refrigerator. I haven't called the manufacturer yet, because you guys are SO much smarter! Any ideas what's causing this, and how to stop it (short of unplugging the thing)?
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    Do you have a separate temperature control for your freezer? I know our refrigerator starts to freeze things if I turn the temperature too low on our freezer (we have a freezer on top model). I don't know why it does this, but you might try turning the temperature up a bit on the freezer.

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    I have the same problem! We did turn down the coldness, but I find that it happens on occasion depending on how much stuff is in the fridge. I think if there's more stuff, the things hold the coldness and it tends to make everything colder. Does that make sense? I'm curious to see if others reply. We've had frozen OJ a few times because it gets pushed to the back.
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    I have a new side by side but this might apply somewhat. refers are much more energy efficient that they used to be due to better cold air circulation. that is why the shelves do not go all the way to the side walls anymore. (this also allows things to tip over & spill more easily, but that's another thread.) On my KA frig there is a cross over "duct" in the wall between the frig and freezer right above the vegetable bin. if I put vegies there they will freeze. It has something to do with making it more energy efficient by using the cold air twice. thye other thing I would look at is the door seals, especially if this is something that has changed.

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    I would check the temperature in both the refrigerator and the freezer. You have to leave the thermometer in overnight or longer, without the door being open during that time. You may need a special refrigerator/freezer thermometer to check the freezer, because it needs to read to at least 0 deg. F. Your manual should tell the ideal temperatures for both. I think the freezer is 0 to 10 deg. F. I'm thinking the refrigerator is 37-40 deg. F. So, you can see that a slight change of the refrigerator T could bring it below freezing for water. Your freezer T may be too low. Then the air that circulates from the freezer to the refrigerator will be too low, making the refrigerator too cold. Is there any frozen condensation in the freezer, especially along the back? My unit froze up last year, making the freezer too warm and the refrigerator too cold. If you put objects that are particularly sensitive to freezing at the front of the refrigerator, that might help temporarily. If you can't get it adjusted on your own after a few days (24 hours between adjustments and readings-adjust only the refrigerator or freezer at once) you may want to have someone look at it to make sure you aren't having the beginnings of a serious problem. Mine cost $300! and it was only 2 years old. :mad:

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