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Thread: Any Supper Clubs In Jacksonville, FL

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    Question Any Supper Clubs In Jacksonville, FL

    Hi There....
    I'm new to the cooking light website. Not new to Cooking Light though. I was wondering if there were any Supper Clubs in the Jacksonville, FL area. My boyfriend and I might be interested if there is.
    Thanks a bunch..

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    I just responded to another post for a Jax supper club. Are you still interested?

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    Any more info on the previous messages? Im in Ponte Vedra and work in downtown JAX. I'd be interested in hearing about what is already existing out there or if ppl are still trying to form a group. I would love to meet some ppl around my age (late 20s- early 30s) that love to cook

    Thanks for any info!

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    Supper Club Jacksonville

    Hi. I would be interested in starting a club in Jacksonville. I live in Ormond Beach but work in the Jacksonville area twice a week. Has anyone else responded. I am backtracking all of the threads......

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    Cool Supper Clubs in Jacksonville

    Hi there, I just joined and am looking to see if there is a club already existing in Jax. We live near JU and are in our mid-thirties.

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    Supper Club in Jacksonville

    I am new to the area as well and would like to start a supper club as a way to meet new people. My husband and I are in our late 30's. We live in St. John's County but work in Duval Cty.

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    were you able to find or create a supper club in Jax? I am also interested.


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    I did not find anyone else that provided specifics. I would be interested in forming one.

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    Red face supper clubs in jacksonville

    i saw that there was interest in starting a supper club in the area and wondered if some of you have already formed a group?? i f so, my husband and i are interested in joining one.....
    nicole smith

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    Hi there - We started a group in JAX a couple of years ago. We're still meeting if you are interested. We meet mainly as just the ladies but have done some family events in the past. We usually meet twice a month - once to plan our meal and once to get together. If you're interested, drop us a note at We look forward to hearing from you.

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    Still Meeting?

    It's been a couple of years since the last post in this there still a club meeting in Jacksonville? Or, is anyone interested? - Nicole

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