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Thread: Too Many Eggplants

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    Too Many Eggplants

    Please help me before my fridge overflows..

    I was supposed to make an eggplant dish for supper club yesterday but didn't end up making it because I felt (and still do feel) crummy. So I have 3 HUGE eggplants in my fridge. I've done a search and seen a lot of yummy things but nothing that would use up all of my eggplants at once.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for something simple I can do with eggplants that won't be hard or take forever and will use up a lot?


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    how about ratatouille?
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    CL is featuring eggplants on their main site. The one that caught my eye was eggplant parmasagna. There are also recipes for Caponata with Garlic Crostini, Sesame-Eggplant Salad with Bell Peppers and Jicama, and Lamb Moussaka.

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