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Thread: Can peanuts be frozen?

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    Can peanuts be frozen?

    Do you think dry roasted peanuts can be frozen? I find that I use small qunatities in cooking, usually as a garnish, and then I have a bad habit of eating the rest of them. If they are out of the cupboard and frozen, they won't be quite so appealing. So I wanted to get some expert opinions on this one. I am off to the store to get more peanuts to sprinkle on pad thai tonight.


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    I also freeze all different kinds of nuts so I'm sure it would work. Though let me tell you, nuts eaten right from the freezer taste the same as regular nuts (just a little colder - but not frozen) so that ploy to keep you from eating them might not work. Trust me, I know.

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    I don't see why not, as long as they are packaged properly. I store nuts in the freezer all the time (usually pack them up with my Foodsaver), and have never had a problem.
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