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Thread: Help Calculate Quantities for Taco Luncheon (12 People)

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    Help Calculate Quantities for Taco Luncheon (12 People)

    My brain is tired! I have offered to buy/prepare all the fixin's for a farewell luncheon at my office on Wed. We will have twelve people and are going to have fixit yourself tacos.

    Can anybody PLEASE help me figure out how much of the following items I should buy in order to serve 12?

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for anyone who is willing to help. I need to do my shopping/preparing tomorrow evening. This really isn't tough, but I have so much paperwork to do this evening, and I'm tired of thinking how many tacos will each person want, how many ounces of ground beef per taco...etc.

    Shopping List:

    Ground Beef
    Canned Refried Beans
    Taco Shells
    Flour Tortillas
    Bag of Tortilla Chips
    Shredded Lettuce
    Shredded Cheese
    Diced Tomato
    Sour Cream
    Black Olives
    Salsa - Mild
    Salsa - Hot
    Guacamole if I'm not too tired to make it!
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    Well thanks, anyway. Must have been posting too late in the evening -- and it is an awful lot to expect someone to calculate for me!

    Guess I'll just have to "overpurchase" to make sure I have enough.

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt

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    sorry if you figure out some great calculation, let us know i always over-purchase...

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    Sorry, Deanna, wasn't on the BB last night. You can get 12 tacos from a pound of ground beef so depending on the number of men vs women, you should probably figure 2 1/2 tacos per person. That would be about 3 pounds of ground beef (I'd probably do 4 but then I always over prepare, too!).
    There are 3 servings in a 15 oz can of refried so about 4 cans would be enough. I doubt most will eat the whole serving but we like to put beans on our soft tacos.
    The flour tortillas depends on what size you get. I normally buy the soft taco size, a bit larger than the fajita size and smaller than the burrito(Mission brand). I would say a package of 10 would suffice and then 3 dz shells.
    A pound of shredded cheese is about 6 cups and should be plenty. I would use to heads of iceberg and maybe 4 tomatoes(not everyone will use tomatoes and salsa). One large container of sour cream should all you need. We don't use black olives so I can't help you there. As for the salsa, 2 16-oz containers (one of each) should be more than enough. And I would only get 2 large bags of chips (nobody seems to eat as many as I think they will).
    Two small containers or one large of guacamole if you buy the ready-made.
    Hope this helps! I'm making tacos for 200 in a couple of weeks! But there will also be tamales, rice, beans, and chips & queso...
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    Sneezles, thanks for the "great calculation" as avariell put it!

    You are such a sweetheart to go to the trouble to figure this out and post it -- I am impressed that you are doing a taco supper for 200!

    It's really an easy supper, all things considered, but my brain is just so dog-tired these days when I get home from on my first day at the new job I took in donuts for everyone...and several of the young girls each ate 1/2 a donut (Krispy Kremes!!) and threw the rest away. They are all very very thin! This contributed to my stress at trying to figure quantities.

    I will put your post into Mastercook for future reference...OH! And I saw your response on another post giving quantities for crudites...I'm saving that one in Mastercook too!

    Thanks again, I owe you!

    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt

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