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Thread: Where would I find "wheat berries"?

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    Where would I find "wheat berries"?

    I looked in and now know what wheat berries are. If I want to buy some, where would I look in the store? With cereal, with flour, in a bag, box.......what? TIA
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    You can't find them in an average grocery store. I have to buy mine online. Places like Whole Foods and Trader Joes would have them, though. I know some people get them from bulk bins.

    They are delicious and worth searching for!

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    I find my wheat berries in the bulk section of the grocery store. You also might check the health food section, if your store has one.


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    I bought mine at Central Market, in the bulk section. It was with all the other wheat products. I also have seen them at Whole Foods. I've never seen them at HEB (the regular grocery store!)

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    You need to be specific - soft wheat berries or hard wheat berries - when you purchase them. Better grocers (with a health food section) will have them, or just try a health food store that carries grains where you're sure to find them.

    Soft wheat berries cook a lot faster than hard wheat berries which take a dog's age.
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