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Thread: Things to do with Cabbage

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    Things to do with Cabbage

    Hi. I'm looking for some inspiration for two heads of cabbage that I have. I've already did the stuffed cabbage thing to death, and DH and I are not big on the Cole Slaw thing, so I'm looking for some ideas as to what to do with them. Any suggestions?


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    Ana posted a thread asking pretty much this same question not too long ago. In addition to any new suggestions you might get, you might want to check out THIS thread.

    There are quite a few good suggestions for main dishes made with cabbage there.

    Linda in MO also posted a request for cabbage recipes... and here's
    THAT thread.

    Also some great stuff there...
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    I'm sure this is probably on one of the other threads, but I would recommend BOILING it!

    My DH just made me boiled/blanced cabbage for the first time (I'm not Irish ) and I could not believe how tasty it was! I added a little pat of butter, some sea salt and some fresh ground pepper and it was just like eating hot buttered noodles! He cut it into wedges, did something with toothpicks to hold the wedges to gether, boiled/blanched it (for just 5 minutes or so) with a cut up onion and wa-la!

    Yum! Yum! Yum! My new favorite way to eat cabbage (my other way is as saurkraut)!

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    I can't offer you exact measurements, but if you aren't afraid to eye it, you might try beirocks.

    shreaded cabbage ( I use about half of a preshredded bag, so maybe half a head)

    one small onion

    1lb ground hamburger

    Brown the hamburger, then add the onions, then the cabbage.

    Next use soy sauce and worschtishire (spelling???) to taste, just enough to coat the ingredients.

    Two tubes of crescent rolls (reduced fat)
    Light velveeta cheese

    Keep two triangles together of the rolls, put a spoonful of the hamburger mixture in the middle with a slice of the velveeta, and fold up to make a pouch. Place the pouches in a 9x13 and follow the baking instructions on the rolls.

    This is a very quick and easy supper (and yummy). I apologize for the messy recipe, but this is really something I just eye according to my tastes. There is probably a more formal recipe out there if you did a search. Anyways, good luck using your cabbage

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    I didn't check out those other threads, but thought I'd suggest a few things--cabbage and noodles or creamed cabbage. Both start with a basic saute of cabbage in a bit of butter until tender(onion, too, if you like)--salt and pepper to taste. Then, add noodles and more butter for cabbage and noodles. For creamed cabbage, add tomato juice after the cabbage has softened a bit, but not all the way. Cook until tender--then cream by mixing flour and milk (cream, half and half, whatever you have) together--about 1 tbsp per 1/4 c or so of milk. Mix into the cabbage and juice until thickened to your liking. Both of these dishes are really Hungarian comfort food. We also add cabbage to our chicken soup with the potatoes and carrots. Kind of like boiled dinner. Yum!

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    pork with cabbage soup

    I served this last night and my bf loved it

    Pork neck/bones
    shredded cabbage

    boil pork neck/bones in pot of water. when it boils, remove the brown bubbles that goes on top(how do you call this).
    Continue boiling until it becomes tender for 30 minutes.
    Add the shredded cabbage.
    Add salt & pepper to taste.
    If you have fish sauce, pour a little bit if needs more salt.

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    I have a cabbage casserole recipe that my mom got years ago, and that even my kids love. I apologize that I don't use measurements--I just eyeball it.

    1 head cabbage, chopped
    3 slices bacon (optional, but adds a nice taste)
    basic white sauce (flour and butter roux, then add milk til you get a nice thick sauce)
    healthy chunk o' Velveeta (yes, the evil Velveeta)
    french fried onions for the top

    Chop your cabbage and nuke in a large bowl (I put mine in a bowl with a snappy lid that I leave one corner up on, or with plastic wrap securely covering) for 6-7 minutes; stir; nuke again for 5 minutes or so and check for doneness. Don't cook to death, but don't leave it too crunchy, either.

    Drain the heck out of it! I cannot stress this strongly enough!!

    If you use the bacon, cook (I nuke) til crispy.

    When you have your white sauce ready, add the E.V. and melt it in. Chop the bacon and add it, too.

    You may want to add some black pepper to the cabbage, but no salt--there's plenty in the sauce. Combine the sauce and cabbage, and put them into your serving dish. Nuke the whole thing for about 3 minutes, then top with french fried onions.

    OK, it's pretty simple and not all that healthy...but it's darn tasty!
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    I try to keep it simple, so all I do is dice a slice of bacon, put it in a 3 quart casserole dish and cook it in the microwave until the bacon is crispy, but not too much so. Meanwhile, cut a small head of cabbage in half, and cut one half into quarters, and then cut the quarters into chunks, removing the core. (Reserve the other half of the cabbage for some other use) Put the 'diced up half-cabbage' into the casserole dish, and stir it around, to season it with the bacon. Cook the cabbage in the microwave for about 5 minutes. The cabbage should still be green, but soft. We really like the mixture of cabbage and bacon. (This doesn't keep well, so it's just as well to cook a small batch.)

    (Coleslaw is my only other cabbage dish, sorry I don't have more to contribute.)
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