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Thread: cooking with sherry?

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    cooking with sherry?

    i never cooked with sherry before but i have a few recipes i would like to try that have it...

    what kind of brand should i look for?
    can i get some at the supermarket or a liquor store?

    i'm clueless!!!

    thank you for your help! =)


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    I cook with sherry a lot, and usually just pick up a bottle at TJ's or Safeway. It's inexpensive and, to be honest, I'm not too particular. Maybe that's not a great (sophisticated) answer but I've never been disappointed. When in doubt, you can always ask at a good liquor store what they would recommend for cooking.

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    Don't buy anything marked cream sherry, though. Dry sherry is what you want. (or even medium.)

    I like Sandeman, but am not sure of variety. The word "amontillado" is sticking in my head, but I'm not sure why. (Obviously, I don't have a bottle now or I'd look.) I see I have Dry Sack Medium-Dry right now, which is okay, but I like the other better.

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    I read once that you shouldn't rely on wines or liquors labeled "cooking wine" or "cooking sherry" for cooking. Yes, you read that right. The theory being that if you wouldn't drink it, you wouldn't want to cook with it.

    That being said, I buy cheaper cooking alcohols than I do drinking alcohols. I always buy a $5-$6 bottle of sherry--of course I can't come up with the name now, but green bottle, black and gold label. I don't think our grocery stores carry it, so I always get it at a liquor store.

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