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Thread: Cooking Turkey on the Grill: Stuffing or No Stuffing!

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    Smile Cooking Turkey on the Grill: Stuffing or No Stuffing!

    Hi all -
    I am going to cook my 14lb. turkey on the weber grill this year and found a recipe from them online for grilling times, temps, etc. However - I am a stuffing in the bird type of person and they do not recommend cooking stuffing in the bird for food safety issues. I think a 14lb. bird cooks about 3 hours. That is about the same as an oven, if I am remembering correctly (I've only done a turkey in the oven once before!). Any thoughts on the stuffing issue??!! Thanks!
    Katie Vieceli

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    Last year when T-Day was at my house I did 2, 13+ lb turkeys. I stuffed the one in the oven, but did not stuff the one on the grill because it cooked by indirect heat, and everything I read said the stuffing temp. would not get hot enough.

    The turkey on the grill was delicious and I made added stuffing in the oven to go along with that bird.

    I personally would not chance stuffing the turkey on the grill.

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    I never stuff, not in the oven or the grill, I've read to many articles that stated it wasn't safe.

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