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Thread: Help w/ Proctor Silex Crockpot w/ 1-2-Autoshift" settings rather than "Hi-Lo"...

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    Help w/ Proctor Silex Crockpot w/ 1-2-Autoshift" settings rather than "Hi-Lo"...

    I can never remember what is considered "Hi" - setting 1 or 2? My crockpot is about 6 years old and I know the newer versions use the Hi-Lo labels for temp settings. I've always found mine to be confusing. Can't find my manual, so I'm hoping one of you guys can refresh my memory!

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    So I initially posted this ages ago and never got a reply. I'm giving it a try once again now that it's crockpot season! Anyone?

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    You could see if the information is here at the Proctor Silex website. If you can't find it in the manual, "contact us" has the 800 # to call. It says they answer over a thousand customer service questions a day--you could be one of them. Good luck!

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    Thanks. I actually poked around the PS website and did a google search, but I think my model (7 years old) is too outdated. I also assumed the customer service wouldn't be available on weekends. I guess I should give it a try anyway. Thanks again!

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    I don't know if this helps, but I just threw out my old crock pot, which had those same settings. I don't remember what brand - I had it for ages, but bought it for that autoshift setting. I liked getting the temp up quickly at first, and then knowing it would shift to low after a few hours - good for those days I'd be gone all day.

    (It worked well, but developed a broken leg, and then a big crack on the crock. Off to BBB I went with my 20 % off coupon and replaced it! My new Rival doesn't have autoshift, but does have warm! And a timer.)

    Anyway...I am pretty sure it went low (1), High (2), Autoshift as I turned the dial from left to right.

    Hope this helps...another thought is to check water temps. My new cookbook says that Low cooks at 180-200 degrees F, and the high setting is about 280. The contents will take 1-2 hours to get up to a simmer, according to Beth Hensperger's book.

    Good luck!

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    I have a 9 year old Proctor Silex crockpot with those same settings. I dug through the drawer with all the manuals, and couldn't find the one for the crockpot.

    From what I remember it works like Breadmama says. 1 is Low, 2 is High, and Autoshift cooks on high for an hour or two then shifts to low.

    I do think it's worth calling Proctor Silex. Even if they don't have it on the web you should be able to get them to send you a copy of the manual. I've gotten the manual for used/old baby things that way and I assume kitchen appliances would be the same.

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