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Thread: Cheap places to buy candles?

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    Cheap places to buy candles?

    Recently I've been buying votive candles to decorate my apartment. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed relaxing by candlelight. However, the cost can add up to quite a bit depending on the type of candle used. I've looked at dollar stores for candles and have found some there for $1 each. I wasn't crazy about the quality (one, I swear, gave off toxic fumes because it was coated in a metallic lining) Any ideas for buying long-lasting candles, preferably votive? Or is this the best there is?
    Please don't suggest any specific stores unless they're Canadian. Everything is a bit more expensive up here.

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    My favorite votives are from Party-Lite which is a home based candle company. They last long, smell great and cost less than some in stores. I belive a box of 12 is about $7 US, but don't quote me as I bought mine last year. (I need to find a consultant here in IL). I know they are available in Canada because my sister has been to a party. I also like Yankee Candle.

    I don't mind spending the money for these as I find they burn longer and smell better than other candles.

    Oh, I forgot to mention I have bought some really nice votives in Canada at Bowrings in the past. I don't think they cost that much, but then again, the conversion rate for me is great, so I don't recall the exact price.

    It's best to find them on sale and then buy lots.

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