I'm on the prowl for a recliner, preferably a swivel/rocker/recliner but don't know what's out there.

I seem to remember that Jewel had a bad experience with La-Z-Boy, so I'm reluctant to go that route, but living in the boondocks, I'm wondering what my other alternatives might be??

Is Norwalk any good?? There's a store within reasonable distance, so it's an option.

I'm looking for something with more modern lines than most of the stuff I remember having seen in the past. (My sister has a La-Z-Boy, so in addition to my initial reservations about the company, I'd rather not just copycat her choice.)

I remember an old Stratolounger that was really comfortable, but can't seem to find them anywhere, on line or in the real world. Am I looking in the wrong places??

Thanks for your advice!