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Thread: Increasing the natural light in my apartment?

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    Increasing the natural light in my apartment?

    This is a newbie question: I don't have much natural light in my basement apartment. Only one window that opens. The other window doesn't open and has opaque glass. Ugh. I bought a few small mirrors (one foot by half foot for example. I tried putting them around the window to reflect the natural light. It's not a sunny day today,but these small mirrors don't seem to do a thing in terms of increasing light. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a better solution, apart from moving?

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    how about just getting some really bright lights with higher wattage? getting light in a basement is a tough thing!!

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    I used to live in a basement apartment. One morning in early February all my friends called to ask if I had seen my shadow. I'm not kidding.

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    There are also bulbs that are supposed to be truer to natural lighting in color and range -- maybe they would make it feel more like natural lighting. I think a skylight is out of the question though.

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    I suppose the answer, then, is ... no, there is no real way of increasing the natural light. Oh well.

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