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Thread: how often do you cook a full meal?

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    I make a weekly menu plan for 6 nights of cooking. On Wednesdays my husband brings home takeout (usually Subway) and on Sundays one of my daughters cooks. My daughters are 14, 17, and 18, and since there are 3 of them, they usually end up cooking once a month and one of them cooks twice. They cook whatever I have planned for them to cook. The 14 and 17 year old are really good, the 18 year old hates to cook, so I usually choose easier recipes for her. She likes stir fries, where she can chop everything in advance and then quickly cook.

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    My parents live only a few blocks away so, with my mother and I both loving to cook, both of our families have a home-cooked meal each nigt, except special occasions. It's so nice to sit down to a fully home-cooked meal and know you didn't have to lift a finger-- although we do help with the clean at each other's homes.

    BTW, all four of us go to my parents house when my mother cooks and my mom, dad and sister come to our house when I cook. With the cooking aside, it gives us time to spend together that might not happen otherwise.

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