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Thread: Apricot Differences

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    Apricot Differences

    Kroger had SunMaid dried fruit on sale this week. I love dried peaches but don't buy them often because they're rather expensive, but I'll jump when they're on sale. Right next to them were apricots. I thought, if I like dried peaches, I'll probably like dried apricots. There were TWO varieties, though -- Mediterranean and California. The Mediterranean was 100 calories to the California 110. The Med type had fewer carbohydrates but more sugar AND more fiber. I was leaning towards the Med, but went ahead and got a package of each.

    Before I rip into them, any experience with taste/size/texture/quality differences?

    I also noticed there were two types of figs -- Mission and Calimyra (sp?). What's the scoop there?

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    Well, since you went ahead and bought both, you can make your own decision, but I think the two kinds are very different as far as flavor goes. I'm not sure about the Sunmaid ones, though. Usually the choices are Californian or Turkish. If Sunmaid labels them the less specific "Mediterranean" instead of Turkish I'm not sure how theirs taste. In my experience, California dried apricots have a much more intense and tarter flavor. The Turkish ones have a less intense and kind of perfumey taste. I prefer the California, which are also more expensive, for most purposes. Sometimes recipes specify which kind would work best.

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    This is from

    apricot, dried

    Notes: Turkish dried apricots are lighter in color and milder in flavor than other varieties. They're often treated with sulfur to improve their color and shelf life.


    Notes: Varieties include Calimyrna = Smyrna and Kadota, both with green skin and pinkish-white flesh, and the most popular variety, and the Mission fig = black Mission fig, with dark purple skin and pink flesh.

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    We have a brown turkey fig tree, the flesh is pink and very yummy!
    My son has a kadota!
    When we have big crops (the squirrels, the birds and racoons love them too) we dry them in a dehydrator!

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