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Thread: Can I freeze soup with cheese and sour cream in it??

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    Can I freeze soup with cheese and sour cream in it??

    Help! I made a batch of EW Winter 2004 Broccoli-Cheese Soup and would like to freeze some. I've never frozen soup that had cheddar and sour cream in it - will it taste ok once defrosted?

    The soup was pretty good -- the lightest one I've found in a while that had actual taste.

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    From my experience in freezing and my experience in personal cheffing for other people, I do not recommend freezing a dish that has a large amount of sour cream in it. It tends to seperate and become watery. I have frozen things with sour cream in them, like my chicken enchiladas with sour cream in the filling, and it turns out fine. But something that's creamy will just turn out too watery, IMO! You could always stir it to reconstitute it, but I don't think the quality is as good.

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    I've made that soup and frozen it. Yes, the frozen isn't as good as the freshly-made version, but I think it's perfectly fine. However, I freeze almost everything, so I might not be the best one to respond!

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    I'd say go ahead and freeze it. Obviously, won't be as good as fresh, but what generally is after you've frozen and reheated somethng (okay people, don't actually go answering that, because I'm sure there are recipes that make the statement wrong).

    I froze and reheated (I think it was) LauraB's California Dreamin' Baked Potato Soup. Freeze potatoes AND sourcream AND cheese you say???

    Well, it was left to my RM to finish it up, so I wasn't too concerned

    ANYWAY! Go ahead and freeze it - there's no harm in trying!

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