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Thread: For those who pray...

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    For those who pray...

    My friend Stephen's family just found out that his dad has cancer. He's a diabetic and the cancer is wrapped around his pancreas and a main artery so there's no way to do surgery, and they don't know if radiation will help. They can't just cut off part of his pancreas because he pretty much needs it all, its the organ that produces insulin. He's a young guy, just 51. He's been battling diabetes for a long time and just had quadruple bypass surgery a few years back, so he's not the healthiest in the world. Right now they're saying that about the only thing that can save him would be a miracle. If there was anybody that deserved one, it's this guy. He lets us hang out at his house, even if its just with him, he let's us stay at the "Handy Hotel" when weather is bad or if somebody just needs a place to crash, he lets us raid his fridge whenever we feel like it, he's just an all around good guy and he really needs our prayers. So do what you can, put him on the prayer chain at church, if you just happen to think about this thread, say a little prayer. Thank you from me and the family.


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    Best wishes.
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    He's on my list now jori! (((((Jori and Stephen)))))
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    Hi Jori,

    Best wishes to your friend.

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    Prayers on the way

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    Will add Stephen's family to my list of prayers.
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    Prayers coming from CA!

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    I'm so sorry to hear such sad news about your friend's dad. He and his family are in my prayers. You're a good friend.

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