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Thread: Free CL Cookbook Offer!

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    Exclamation Free CL Cookbook Offer!

    I was just wondering if anyone else caught this in the September issue? It's on page 166. You need to buy Corningware's new colour collection pieces, mail in your receipt, and they send you a free CL cookbook. The picture they show is last year's annual- which I'm hoping is the one they're sending- as I never got around to buying one. I went to Target yesterday and picked up a couple pieces of the new Corningware- they're really pretty. I can never have enough Corningware anyway- I love the stuff.

    Anyway- just thought I'd point it out for anyone who missed it.
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    Thanks so much for the notice. I've read through September but tend to barely even notice the ads! I'm off this weekend to get some corning ware. I need some anyway!

    This BB is so great for things like this! Last week I got the Slow Cooker New edition for free because of the information about the survey in the front!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Yes, I noticed this also. And I love the looks of the new corningware but I did a search on the net and see that certain pieces come in only one color. For example, the bowls just have the light blue inside, instead of coming in also the red and the light green. Is that correct? Is that flat round dish the only one that comes in red?? Does anyone know? When I saw the ad, I figured every piece came in all 3 colors.

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