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Thread: applesauce sub for oil -- ratio?

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    applesauce sub for oil -- ratio?

    I've been hoping to lighten up some of my baking recipes by substituting applesauce for vegetable oil (truth be told, I've got two jars of applesauce that my son won't eat!)Anyone know what the appropriate substitution ratio would be? In the past I've done 1/1, with middling results...tia!

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    I use it one for one, equal measurements.

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    From Lean and Lovin' It, Don Mauer

    Essentially, apple juice is a component of apple sauce. When baking, the ingredients are exposed to high heat. What happens to water under high temperatures? It turns to steam, rises and escapes. Therefore, the water in the apple juice leaves your bread and causes a slightly drier end result. B/c the fat in shortening does not turn to steam when subjected to high temperatures, keeping it moist.

    He found that when he drained 1 Cup applesauce there was almost 1/2 cup liquid in the bowl

    To drain place mesh strainer over a bowl for about 15- 20 minutes. Ususally need to drain double the amount need. i.e. 1 Cup undrained = 1/2 Cup drained

    SO Drain unsweetened applesauce and substitute equal measures of drained unsweetened applesauce for the shortening in your recipe. He claims this works perfectly every time- includng subbing 2 egg whites for every whole egg or egg beaters.

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    Molli, I've done some baking with all applesauce instead of the oil but have noticed a slight difference I say use half applesauce and half oil. Better yet check out and they'll help yah with the sub part!

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    Thought I'd bump this one up.

    I tried to sub one 1 cup of well-drained unsweetened applesauce for 1 cup oil in a quick bread recipe. It left 1/4 up of oil in.

    It was OK the first day, but after that it turned very soggy.

    Is there another substitute that can be used for oil? Would subbing yogurt work instead?

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