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Thread: Review: Quick Chicken Corn Chowder from holiday cookbook

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    Review: Quick Chicken Corn Chowder from holiday cookbook

    I downloaded the recipes from CL's website and decided to make the quick chicken-corn chowder for dinner tonight.

    It was pretty bad. It was not very flavorful, but the worst part was the consistency. It was strangely thin, and the milk flavor was too strong.

    The kids wouldn't eat it. My DH and I ended up having a few bites and then filling up on salad and bread. I ended up tossing out the vast majority of the pot of soup, something I rarely have had to do with CL recipes.

    CL does have a corn chowder that is wonderful, though. It's in their new soups and stews paperback book/magazine, and we've enjoyed it for years. I'm definitely going back to that one!

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    That's too bad brownie but it is great that you shared that review...I know it has made me think twice about trying that recipe. There are sooo many good chowder recipes around who has time for a dud?
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