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Thread: Where to find "Nutcracker" nut cracker that works?

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    Where to find "Nutcracker" nut cracker that works?

    My SIL just was telling me how much her DD wants their decorative Nutcrackers (toy soldiers ones) to work. I thought it would be a great gift to find her one for Christmas. I checked Williams-Sonoma, with no luck. Anyone know where to get one?
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    I hope someone who knows differently chimes in but honestly, I don't think the nutcrackers crack nuts. If you want to I would get one of the metal squirrels to crack nuts. Good (toy soldier) nutcrackers are expensive and you wouldn't want to take a chance. (The squirrel is really cute!)
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    Beth: you can try here but they sure are pricey
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    Wow, I always wondered about this, too. I want to buy one! Tyra, those are so cool.
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    My Dad actually collects nutcrackers, but I don't think he's ever used them to actually crack nuts. Tyra, those are actually pretty reasonably priced. The really nice ones are made by Steinbach:

    Beth, I think you want to get one that's made in China/Taiwan as opposed to Germany to cut down on the price. I'm trying to think where I've seen them recently. In the past, I've seen them at places like Crate & Barrel, Target, Marshalls. You might want to try e-bay.

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    It's not a toy soldier nutcracker but this one is decorative, functional, and has great reviews.

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    I have seen the Steinbach ones at Tuesday Morning. They usually have them every year. I think they are usually under $100.

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