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Thread: Two dessert hits at a potluck

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    Two dessert hits at a potluck

    Last night, I took two desserts to a potluck with folks ranging from toddlers to octogenarians. Both were great hits.

    The first is a trifle from one of the magazines that comes with newspapers. (It wasn't Parade, and I don't remember which one it was.) It is delicious. I expect that it could be made lighter, but I did not do so. Like all trifles, it looks best in a glass bowl. The recipe developer must have had a very large one. For my glass bowl, I made 1/2 of the recipe, and it was just the right amount. For the fruit, I used blueberries and mandarin oranges, and for the liquor, I used orange liqueur.

    English Trifle

    1 prepared 9-by-13-inch yellow cake, from a homemade recipe or box mix
    4 cups prepared vanilla pudding, non-instant
    2 cups whipping cream, well chilled
    4 cups fruit (sliced strawberries, blueberries, mandarin oranges or raspberries)
    1/2 cup orange liqueur or dark rum
    1/2 cup orange marmalade
    1/2 cup sugar
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract

    Break cake into large pieces. (I broke into somewhat smaller pieces as my bowl was smaller.) Layer bottom of a large bowl with one one-third of cake. Whip chilled whipping cream until thick and creamy. Add sugar and vanilla. Stir until well mixed. In a separate bowl or measuring cup, mix marmalade with rum or orange liqueur. Warm this mixture slightly in the microwave to melt the jelly and drizzle a thin layer over the cake. Place a layer of fruit on top, followed by a layer of pudding, and a layer of whipped cream. Repeat this prcess three times, or until ingredients are all used. [For my smaller bowl, I made two layers.] Top with whipped cream last, and refrigerate. This cake tastes best when flavors are allowed to meld for a few hours before serving.

    The second recipe was for Chocolate-Cherry Chunk Meringues, reviewed earlier:


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    Kay, thanks for sharing these recipes. I am sure those were very popular dishes at the potluck! I have never made a trifle before but I am saving your recipe for next time I need to bring a dessert somewhere. Thanks

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    Kay -

    Thanks for posting the English Trifle recipe. I think I may make it for Christmas Day dessert, using my leftover chopped cranberries (from the Cranberry Liqueur) for the fruit and the cranberry liqueur for the alcohol. I've been looking for a recipe to use up some of those cranberries and I think this may do it! Thanks!!


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