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Thread: I need food ideas for poker night

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    Smile I need food ideas for poker night

    I will be helping out with the food for a "for charity" poker night. Since these folks are participating for charity we want the snacks/foods to be really great. Any ideas? I don't have any idea of what kinds of foods are generally liked and/or expected for something like this. Thanks

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    Hmmm. I've never been to a poker night, so I'm not sure what kind of snacks would be appropriate. But the first thing I thought of was Goalpost Crunch. It's like a caramel chex mix kind of thing, so it satisifies that salty/sweety combo and isn't too messy to eat while playing poker. Have fun!

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    Southern Living (I think that is who it was) recently had an article about "game night" foods. One that I thought was so cute was mini sandwiches with the crusts cut off using white and dark wheat bread. They set them on a big platter in a checker board pattern and then stuck cherry tomatoes with toothpicks on one side and black olives on the other. It really did look like a checkerboard and was adorable.

    I would think that mini sandwiches, wraps, cookies, meatballs, spinach balls, brie kisses and foods that are eaten without utensils would be the best.

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    Hi! about how many people will you be cooking for? I'm assuming it's an informal occasion as it's poker night vs casino night type thing. Where will it be held? Will you be able to cook there, or do you need to bring stuff already prepared?

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    Poker Night

    Hi. I did a poker night and made a variety of snacks that were really heavy because people played for about 5 hours.

    I made quesadillas (really easy with beans and cheese), I could keep this warmed to serve throughout the night. I made an artichoke dip that they loved (the one with artichoke hearts and mayonnaise and parmesan cheese). We had bowls of check mix and spiced nuts. I served a gumbo that they could tuck into while taking a break, but if it's a larger group than about 7, I would suggest muffaletas. Big, meaty, filling and definitely able to be handled while playing cards. Another thing that is really great and delicious is spitfire shrimp. recipe is found on and it is under rachel ray's television show. For dessert I served a variety of cookies.

    Good luck and have fun!

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    Answeres to questions

    I do not know yet how many people, at least 20 though from the amount that have already signed up. Yes, it will be informal. It will be at someone's house so there will be the availability of a stove, refrigerator, microwave etc. I don't know yet if I'll be able to particpate on the night this happens (young kids at home), but I'm sure if there there is any final cooking to be done to any recipe, that someone else will be capable.

    Thanks for any advice/suggestions.

    Originally posted by jena
    Hi! about how many people will you be cooking for? I'm assuming it's an informal occasion as it's poker night vs casino night type thing. Where will it be held? Will you be able to cook there, or do you need to bring stuff already prepared?

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    Hope this reply isn't too late. I would opt for Bonnie's Buffalo Chicken Dip(a search on this board should turn up the recipe). It will feed a lot and is pretty easy to put together. I made some for a party at Thanksgiving, didn't use it and froze it instead. It held up well when I defrosted and heated at Christmas. Chili con queso is also a good one.

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    Every year I always make a bunch of appetizer type foods for our christmas party and one that is always loved is a layered mexican dip to be served with tortilla chips. I just mix a package of cream cheese with sour cream (regular or low fat works) with a package of taco seasoning, then layer it in a pie plate with refried beans and top with shredded lettuce, cheddar cheese, and onions.
    Good luck with the poker night!


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    We hosted a poker party a couple months ago. I served dollar sized sandwiches from a local bbq place. Turkey, ham and beef sandwiches. They went over well. The favorite of the night was a Knorr brand spinach dip. Other ideas are:
    bacon wrapped shrimp on toothpics
    assorted cheese and crackers with grapes as garnish
    smoked salmon
    m & m's (variety of them)
    Chex type mix
    choc covered peanuts

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    I just remember an episode from miss paula deen about poker night...check it out, everything looked sooooooo good too!,00.html
    I love cooking with wine sometimes I even put it in the food.

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    I think Ina Garten did a show where she made layered jam cookies and cut out a suit (clubs, hearts, spades, etc.) shaped window in the top layer before assembling. I think they were round and the heart, diamond, etc. showed up red because of the jam between the layers. I guess you could do a dark purple jam for the dark suits. I'm pretty sure she used her basic shortbread (jam thumbprint etc.) recipe. I guess the hardest part would be finding the little suit-shaped cookie cutters.

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