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Thread: freezing tilapia?

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    freezing tilapia?

    tilapia is on sale at my grocer this week for $4.99 a lb. which is really good for around here (i normally pay $6.99 a lb.)
    i have two questions...
    first of all, if i buy it tonight but don't cook it until tomorrow night, will it still be 'fresh?' i usually cook it the same day.
    also, if i buy extra, is it freezable? how long can you freeze it for and will it still taste out of this world? freezing tips?

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    It is freezable. I usually buy it frozen. I have even defrosted the whole package and then thrown half the package back in the freezer. Someone here gave me the tip to defrost it in milk when you take it out of the freezer the second time. That seemed to work.
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    We love tilapia and buy it often usually at Costco for far less money than supermarkets and it's always so fresh. However, Costco is big on huge packaging so I have to freeze what we can't eat at the moment. It freezes very well. If you have a Food Saver it's prefect for keeping fish and seafood "just bought" fresh. If not, then wrap the tilapia in cellophane wrap like Saran, then place in a zip loc bag and try to get as much air out of the bag as possible. It freezes this way very well. As for saving it til tomorrow no problem. Just wrap well and store it on the bottom shelf of your fridge.

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