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Thread: London Broil in a Stew?

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    London Broil in a Stew?

    I have a hunk of meat labeled london broil which I've gathered from my searches is usually top round (or flank?) Can I use it in a stew?

    On this site
    it says they are usually broiled, braised, or cooked in a liquid. Would a stew be cooked in a liquid?

    But on this site:
    it says any beef chuck or round cut, except top round, may be used.


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    I would go ahead and use it - I've used both top round and flank steak in stew, and they've worked well.

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    Top Round in Stew

    Hey Emilyn,
    You can use top round in stew, but keep an eye on it. As it doesn't have a lot of fat and connective tissue like most stewing meats, it can dry out pretty fast. The reason top round is called London Broil is because of the way it gets cooked and served. You broil (or grill over high heat) it to a medium rare and then slice it against the grain in thin strips. This helps it to stay tender and not dry out. Also top round is a good cut to marinate first and then grill or broil as the marinade will help some with tenderising the meat. My favorite for stew is cross rib roast cut into cubes.

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    I have personally not had good luck using lean cuts in stews or soups. I like the chuck-type roasts cut up in chunks for stews. They get more tender and flavorful.

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