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Thread: Anyone Own a Golden Doodle?

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    Anyone Own a Golden Doodle?

    Thinking of getting one of these dogs b/c DH wants a large dog and I want one that doesn't shed. We had a Standard Poodle yrs. ago that was totally awesome, but needed regular grooming which was quite costly. I've heard/read conflicting things on the grooming of Golden Doodles. Does anyone have experience w/this breed?

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    I have a friend that is seriously considering a Labradoodle, which is a lab/poodle mix, rather than a golden retriever/poodle mix. In fact, I think she may have gotten it this weekend because she was in Aspen for her anniv. and was staying in a hotel very close to the breeder's house.

    Anyway, no personal experience, but I do know that since they are generally first generation crosses, the pups will be very varied in the ratio of golden to poodle (even within a litter, they will vary a lot) and the ones that look more poodlish are the ones that will shed less and be less allergenic.

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    Just had to open this thread to see what the heck a Golden Doodle is! Actually, my neighbor has a labradoodle, which is absolutely adorable. I know that all these -oodles are very expensive(my neighbor's dog was flown over from Australia!) And she did say it requires a lot of brushing or else the hair gets very matted. SHe took it to be groomed and they ended up shaving it-looked like a sheared sheep for a while.

    I personally like the schnoodle...

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    I still can't buy into cross breeding two very distinct breeds . Both of these on their own are very fine animals and great family dogs. If someone wants a dog that doesn't shed why don't they just get a poodle?? The Standard Poodle is a big dog.

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    I don't know anything aout -oodles, but greyhounds are, of course, big & don't shed. They need to be strictly indoor dogs, though, as they can't deal with extreme heat or cold.
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    My SIL and BIL have a golden doodle....absolutely adorable! He appears to be a bit more poodlish (pointy snout, very curly coat) therefore doesn't shed much at all. They have a neighbor with one that looks basically like a curly golden retriever, that one does shed a bit, but still not much. The reason for crossing the two distinct breeds is to get the very best characteristics of both which is why the golden doodle is becoming so popular. We have an 11 year old jack russell terrier that we absolutely adore, but when the time comes to consider a new 4 legged family member, the doodles are on the top of our list.

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    We belong to a doggie "country club" (or rather our 2 dogs are members) and one of my favorite dogs there is a golden doodle name Jeff. He is very light colored and has a curly coat. He has the same coat all year round, so I doubt he gets groomed. The hair is short and curly so I don't think he sheds too much. He has such a wonderful personality. He will leap into the big pond there and then run out to the sand hill and roll all around. We just giggle My long haired aussie shephard/rottie mix does the same thing, but it's not so cute when we are the ones that have to bathe the dog

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    Originally posted by jellyben
    Just had to open this thread to see what the heck a Golden Doodle is! A
    Me, too! I thought maybe it was some kind of cleaning tool, then some type of toy, then I started thinking some sillier things . . .

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    I've been online looking at this breed, mostly out of curiosity. My friends just got a cockapoo and mentioned that the lady also breed labradoodles. I have to laugh out loud at that name!

    I must admit I was intrigued by the no shedding - Bailey sheds terribly and I feel like fur just flies constantly around here (I draw the line when it ends up in what I'm cooking!!!! ACK!!). So I mentioned this breed to my husband and he says no way! He's not getting any kind of "doodle".

    I did notice that the pups vary quite widely - I prefer the dogs with more lab or golden than poodle.

    We both really MUCH prefer larger dogs, I just have a hard time with all the hair. I'm thinking maybe a chihuahua might be good - how much hair could that tiny little thing shed????


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