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Thread: OMG! Blue Cheese Pecans

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    OMG! Blue Cheese Pecans

    Just made these for the first time for Super Bowl... Unbelievable! DH and I ate almost the whole batch BEFORE company arrived. Just had to rave about these lovely little bites of heaven!!!!
    ~ Alyssa

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    We really like those too. I made them for a snacks for Thanksgiving, along with the Teriyaki Walnuts and the Rosemary Roasted Bar Nuts. If you haven't seen
    this thread, you might want to check it out.
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    I made these for Thanksgiving and they were YUMMYLICIOUS!
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    OMG, is right!!! I missed the original thread. They sound amazing. Right up my alley! Off to the printer..

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    I've made both and they are heavenly!
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    I have a question about these pecans.

    Has anyone ever heard of or tried a recipe for Blue Cheese Pecans before trying this recipe?

    I've seen them combined in other ways, like dips, but not directly together like this. It just seems to me they must have been done before, but I didn't come across anything on a web search either.

    Not that I could get these published in Cooking Light or anything - I don't think there are many recipes that could be any higher in fat!


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    When I made these for my election night party, I searched a few places for a recipe. Your suggestion didn't have too many specifics in it, so I was looking for more guidance, and didn't find too much out there. All I did was quantify your suggestions and a hit was born. Fabulous idea.
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