And she is a DOLL! She is teeny-tiny and even more beautiful in person than on the show!! She was so sweet and gracious. There were a million people there and you could tell she was just so humbled by it.

It was at the Barnes & Noble in Freehold, NJ. She did a Q & A session for the first half-hour and then did signings. Some interesting things I learning during the Q&A were that:

-Its not her kitchen, they rent a house and then decorate that kitchen to look like hers.
-A 22 minute show takes 13-15 hours to shoot!
-She won't be cooking Easter dinner, but may bring a dessert!
-She started cooking when she was five.
-Those lovely porcelain measuring spoons she uses are from Anthropolgie (one of my favorite stores)!!

I was just so thrilled to meet her. I was shaking when I got up there! I asked her if her husband cooks and she said no, but he cleans! My friend thanked her for coming and she said "No, THANK YOU--I am so happy to be here" Such a sweetie. She promised she wouldn't leave until EVERYONE'S books were signed and when I left at 8:30, there was a line out the door, 3 people deep!

Rachel Ray is going to be there next week and then Tyler Florence and Mario Batali in May. I may have to go back to see that cutie Tyler!