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Thread: Any rec'd playgrounds, children's activities in Charleston, SC?

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    Any rec'd playgrounds, children's activities in Charleston, SC?

    I am heading to Charleston with 3 small kids this week. I been before and had problems finding things for the kids to do (they are 3,3 and 6). I know about carraige rides and the aquarium and we are planning to do that, but would love a place to know of other things that young kids might enjoy. I have done some online research but found little. They are just too young, well at least the twins, for much history stuff. They will only tolerate shopping so long. I have seen on line that there are various swamp tours and boat tours. Anyone know if any are good? Any other thoughts?

    Also, in case they get antsy and I need to just let them get there sillies out, does anyone know of any good playgrounds open to the public that is IN TOWN? Last time we were there with kids, we looked all over and could not find any playgrounds that were open to the public. Here in Raleigh, city playgrounds and school playgrounds are everywhere and open to the public. In Charleston, oddly, all the ones we found were behind lock and key. I know there is that one by the water that has the fountain the kids can play in, and we will certainly visit that, but was hoping there was a regular playground that would not require suits and towels (i.e. preparation!).

    I appreciate any help anyone can give me. By the way, we are staying at Charleston Place.
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    Hi, I can try to give you some ideas but I have no first-hand experience entertaining children in Charleston, but live nearby:

    Boone Hall Plantation (Mt Pleasant) - the u-pick strawberry patch is open. Depending on traffic, about 15 - 30 minutes from downtown.
    Water park - see
    Children's museum - 25 Ann St, 843-853-8962,

    Local weekly paper ( lists "best of" options such as:

    "Best Place to take the Family on a Sunday (including Fido), James Island County Park, 871 Riverland Dr. James Island 795-4FUN

    James Island County Park has so many amenities and attractions that it earns Best Park designation in our readersí poll year after year. It remains our favorite place to take the entire family, and with its off-the-leash area for the dogs, itís even more appealing. The kids love the playground, which has recently benefitted from some rehabbing, and the entire family enjoys walking or biking along the trails, which are so vast you can try a different route every time you visit. In the summertime, you can cool off in the big water fountain, or head to the crabbing dock for loads of family fun thatís worth more than the measly $1 entry fee. "

    Not sure about parks, but look at

    They have a map of the peninsula parks and a Parks Department contact that may could give you more info.

    Hope this helps. Have a great time. Kim
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    The Acquarium! It's amazing!!!

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    Folly Beach!! Take the connector from downtown to James Island--then straight out to Folly. It's a good beach and the Pier is impressive. (If you want to walk to the end of the pier, I'd bring strollers for the littlest ones) The whole area is a times-gone-by type beach. Shabby and relaxed. There is a restaurant at the Pier.

    The Aquarium is very good--and I never tire of IMax theater which is in the same building. (If you choose IMax be sure to go to a show that is not scary for kids--most will be fine, 45-min in length, and an amazing experience for everybody )


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    I was just going to post about the fountain at the end of the market, but I see you already know about that.

    Do you think cemetaries would interest your kids? Charleston has some neat ones - I think the "spookiest" one is the Unitarian Church cemetary - it's off King (probably 3 or 4 blocks from Charleston Place). Of course those aren't necessarily good places to run around.

    There's a large park in the neighborhood near the Citadel but I don't know if they have playground equipment or not.

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