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Thread: Storing Sesame Oil?

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    Question Storing Sesame Oil?

    What is the best way to store sesame oil? Most recipes call for so little, it takes a long time for me to use a bottle--how long will it stay good and where do you keep it?


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    I've had a bottle in a darkish place on my kitchen counter for over a year, and it's still good.


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    There are different factors to consider when talking about oils; how it was extracted and how refined. I don't refrigerate my sesame oil but then I use it a lot. You can keep it in the fridge and it should stay good for about 4 months (for unrefined) longer if it's highly refined.
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    I keep mine in the refrigerator, as I do any oil I don't think I'll use within a couple of months. I just take it out when I start my dinner prep, and it's usually liquified by the time I need it. If not, I run some warm water over the bottle; that usually liquefies enough to use in the recipe.

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    I had been keeping it in the fridge, but it got thick and I was unable to pour so decided it goes into the pantry/cupboard.

    They say oils in the fridge can get just as much damage because of the condensation from taking them in and out of the fridge.
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    It figures: the one time I do what I'm "supposed to" it turns out it's the wrong thing.
    Yup, I keep it in the fridge and either take it out to come to to temp or run the bottle under warm water. The last bottle I bought (shopping at 5:00 on New Year's eve!) I couldn't get to the Asian grocery so I picked up a bottle of Ka-me at the grocery store and I soon noticed it doesn't firm up (crystalize?) in the fridge. Rats, I think they cut it with canola oil. :mad: No wonder it doesn't have that intense toasty smell.

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    My bottle of unrefined, clear sesame oil (which I use mostly for hummus) does say to refrigerate when opened but the Asian, toasted sesame oil has no such recommendation, but I keep it with the other sesame oil in the fridge.
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    I don't know about keeping it in the fridge or not, but I remember reading that sesame oil keeps about 3 months (that's similar to what Sneezles said)... I admit I'm stretching that a bit at the moment, but can't say as I've noticed anything different about it.

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    I use dark sesame oil and keep it in the pantry. My mother and grandmother have always stored it this way.

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