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Thread: substitute for beets

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    substitute for beets

    Hi...I'm making the Ponzu Grilled Salmon in the June Cooking Light and it calls for golden beets which I couldn't find at the store...any ideas for something to use instead?


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    Welcome to the board Kacky.

    According to Foodsubs at :

    Canned beets are a good substitute for fresh. Substitutes: carrots OR (in salads) slicing tomatoes


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    re: substitute for beets

    Thanks!! I thought that might work, but I'm great at second guessing myself...I bought a sweet potato and an acorn squash at the store just in you think they might work?


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    Hmmm...I was going to sub yellow pepper. I wish I'd looked at that website first. I may try and find canned yellow beats now since I'm still trying to find Israeli couscous anyway.

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    re: substitute for beets

    I'm trying carrots...steaming them a little first. I found Israeli couscous at a Meditterean market...actually it's Jordanian...they had tons of different kinds. I'll let you know how it comes out. Thanks for the advice!


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