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Thread: Okay - what goes on a meatloaf sandwich, and what goes with pea soup?

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    Okay - what goes on a meatloaf sandwich, and what goes with pea soup?

    Okay, going to show some basic culinary ignorance here. I don't remember ever eating a meatloaf sandwich in my life. I know - it sounds strange - I just always re-heat meatloaf and never try the sandwich. I now have 5 slices of meatloaf in the freezer - sometime in the future, they will be individually defrosted, so I thought I might as well try a meatloaf sandwich. So the question is - what makes a great meatloaf sandwich, in your opinion? When you make the meatloaf sandwich, do you warm the meat a bit? Because cold seems a little wrong to me. Oh, and by the way - the meatloaf is EW Blue Ribbon, which is okay, but wouldn't get a blue ribbon from me. More like one of those green "I showed up" ribbons.

    Second question - I don't remember ever having pea soup. I've decided to try making it - but what's a good bread-y side? Cornbread seems to go better with tomato soup in my mind. I don't keep crackers on hand, and I'd like to make something myself anyway.


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    For meatloaf sandwiches, I do warm the meatloaf a little bit and put mayo and sometimes melted cheese on the bread - delicious and great comfort food.

    As for soup, I always go with grilled cheese with my tomato soup. Don't see why that wouldn't work with pea soup. Of course, this is in a truly non-gourmet way, but you can always make gourmet grilled cheese (I love that grilled cheese cookbook!).
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    White bread, slice of cheese (american or velvetta) and ketchup for the sandwich, heat is optional IMHO.

    I think corn bread goes great with pea soup. Otherwise, I'd just do oyster crackers. I'm not much help.
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    Well, my Mom's meatloaf has barbecue sauce glazed on the top as it cooks. So...when I've had meatloaf sandwiches I've always just sliced the meat (sometimes cold, sometimes warmed) and spread barbecue sauce on the bread. Nothing else.

    Also...when we were little my mother would serve the meatloaf leftovers by reheating them in a mizture of canned tomato soup (I think she added the water/milk), velveeta cheese, and chopped green peppers. We'd eat it on top of a slice of bread with a knife and fork. It was so yummy.

    With pea soup...I don't know. I'd probably like a nice crusty pumpernickle.

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    I prepare meat loaf sandwiches one of two ways- cold with ketchup or hot with gravy on one slice of bread.

    Don't be afraid to try it cold- the meat is nice and firm that way. BTW- some of the flavored ketchups are very good on a cold meat loaf sandwich.

    I think almost any type of fresh bread or rolls would go well with pea soup.
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    I always heat my meat loaf a tiny bit--just enough to take off the cold edge. Then mayo, salt and pepper--it's perfect. As for the pea soup accompaniment, I have no idea. I've never eaten pea soup!

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    I like foccacia with split pea soup - not sure why but they just seem to go well together.

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    Oh, I love a good meatloaf sandwich. For me, it is cold, on white bread(preferably Wonder) with butter. Heaven.

    As for what to eat with pea soup, how about a meatloaf sandwich?!

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    Meatloaf sandwiches for me are a good crusty bread, mayo and mustard. I don't heat it up either, I'm suddenly hungry for one!

    Pea soup has been eaten with crusty hot bread and a salad.
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    I like cold meatloaf on bread with ketchup only. I usually like sandwiches with mayo, lettuce, tomato, etc., but the plain ketchup is great with meat loaf. I do white or a light wheat bread. Yum.

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    Ah, the glory of the meatloaf sandwich! (who was quoted about that recently on Bulletin Board Buzz? Forgive me for not remembering!)

    For me, I warm the meatloaf just a bit, to take the chill off---then on bread with ketchup, sometimes mustard (depends on which meatloaf recipe is involved) and LOTS of lettuce. mmmmm.

    With pea soup, we like french bread or some kind of rolls---the garlic rosemary rolls from CL would be good, or the angel rolls recipe that's been floating around forever.

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    My mom just does mayo and bread. I've never actually HAD a meatloaf sandwich. You've probably got a lot of that loaf leftover, dontcha?!

    I just usually do a green salad with split pea soup. Maybe some french bread, too. But honestly, when I have split pea soup, it's for lunch, and that's usually all I have right then and there. (I have other components that I eat later in the day as snacks, but they don't have to "match" if you know what I mean.)

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    It was Slknight that was quoted about the meatloaf sandwich. For me it is cold with mustard and pickles and maybe cheese. Any good yeast bread with pea soup.

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    I've used ketchup and/or pickle relish on meatloaf sandwiches, but sometimes mustard is nice instead. (Once upon a time, I liked alfalfa sprouts as well.) The best bread for this, I think, is crusty bread: French, Italian, hard rolls, etc. But a surprisingly good "make do" is toasted white bread.

    As for the pea soup, I usually make a small-size pasta shape instead of bread: ditali/ditalini, small shells, radiattore, etc. But if you do want bread, try warmed pitas. I think THE most important addition to pea soup is egg strips. I make thin little omelets, like crepes, and then roll them up and slice them into strips to use as a garnish.


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    Yep, it was I who was quoted. This is my method:

    • take a good "firm" bread like a multigrain
    • put a slice of cheese on one of the pieces
    • toast in a toaster oven so the bread is crunchy and the cheese is melted
    • once the bread is toasted, put the cold meatloaf between it

    Mmmm. Toasted bread, hot cheese, cold meatloaf. I think I know what I'm making for dinner tonight so we can sandwiches tomorrow.

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    I like to make a jalapeno meatloaf and have sandwiches on jalapeno cheese bread with some sharp cheese and mayo (cold).

    With pea soup we enjoy a sweet corn muffin topped with ham and orange marmelade.

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    Re: Okay - what goes on a meatloaf sandwich, and what goes with pea soup?

    Originally posted by susan_foster
    Oh, and by the way - the meatloaf is EW Blue Ribbon, which is okay, but wouldn't get a blue ribbon from me. More like one of those green "I showed up" ribbons.

    DH slices it really thin and then grills it on a skillet with a little cheese, like a tuna melt or something. Last time we made AB's version. MMMmm!
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    Meatloaf sandwich to me is just plain. Wheat bread, mayonnaise, and lettuce. Yum And for the pea soup, how about toasted english muffins, or garlic bread?

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    This brings back memories; my best friend and I used to make meatloaf sandwiches for "snacks" after school. Crusty bread or rolls, cold meatloaf, dill pickle chips, a slice of onion and mustard. Makes me want to be a teenager again.


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    I probably took a cold meatloaf sandwich on white bread with ketchup to school once a week growing up. Yummmm...... Never have been able to duplicate my Mother's great meat loaf.
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    My meatloaf Sandwich:

    Meatloaf recipe: CL's herbed meatloaf with sundried tomato gravy
    Wonderbread - white
    Temperature of meatloaf - cold
    Horseradish mustard


    (although there are now several versions listed that I simply must branch out and try...)

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    I just like ketchup on my meatloaf sandwich. And about the pea soup, how about some croutons or some kind of cheesy bread.

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    I treat my meatloaf sandwiches just like I would a hamburger, and top it accordingly. For me, that means tomato and mayo, maybe ketsup.

    The only accompanyment I've ever had with split pea soup has been challah (or brioche). They are a perfect pairing.

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    Ok matloaf sandwiches for us are Bread of your choice... mostly soft potato bread, american cheese, and we warm the meatloaf a bit to take the chill out, then ketchup and sweet bread and butter pickles in it.

    Pea soup is either cornbread or corn muffins or make homemade garlic and parmesan cheese croutons like what you would put in a caesar salad and float them in the soup. Yum!

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