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Thread: knorr's oxtail soup mix substitution?!

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    Question knorr's oxtail soup mix substitution?!

    my husband and i were looking through some of our old, classic comfort food recipes to have for dinner tonight and we both zeroed in on this yummy beef brisket. he went out and got all the ingredients... but can't find what is probably the key ingredient: "knorr's oxtail soup mix". he looked at two grocery stores (so far).

    so, do you know of any substitute for this soup mix? or have you even seen this product recently? i know i saw it a few years ago... but, now, it isn't even listed on their website (that i can see).

    any ideas?

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    Well, basic oxtail soup is just a rich beef soup. Because it's made with oxtail it's probably a bit more gelatinous than typical beef stew. The falvorigs are a basic mirepoix and turnip. So, I'd just saute some aromatic vegetables and add an equal amount of good-quality beef broth, and sub that for the oxtail soup mix and whatever liquid the recipe calls for.

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