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Thread: I got fun mail today!

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    Post I got fun mail today!

    I ordered 17 old CL issues off Ebay and they arrived today! I am a very new reader, but have quickly fallen in love with this magazine (not to mention the bulletin board!). What great timing with the long weekend coming up.

    Just had to share my fun! KLynn

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    How fun! I never thought of going to Ebay for stuff like that. What a good idea!

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    I just completed my collection of CL Annuals off of Ebay! I only wanted to go back as far as 1990, and I had purchased 2000 and 2001 from Oxmoor House, thinking that was the only place I could get the books. After finding out that I'd been paying WAY too much, and after deciding that I would never again do business with that company, I started looking on Ebay!

    The most I paid was $15 and that was for 1999. I just received 1990 in the mail today, and I only paid $5 for that one plus shipping! Books are in great shape, too. I also ordered the entire year's worth of magazines for 1998 and 1999 since we all seem to make reference to those recipes and articles quite a bit, and not all the 'good stuff' is in the Annuals. Fun reading! Those two years were my first for reading CL and I didn't think to keep the mags back then, so I bought 'em again to save! Happy Reading KLynn!

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