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Thread: Matcha tea from Trader Joe's?

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    Matcha tea from Trader Joe's?

    I heard about matcha green tea, and would like to try it, but can't find it anywhere around here. There is an old thread posted by Ande from about two years ago:

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    TJ's Matcha green tea...YUM!


    OK, I've been lurking here for months but finally had to register so I could make sure you guys know about this awesome tea at TJ's!! We just tried it today & really loved it. It's powdered green tea leaves that you just mix with cold water -- no bags, boiling water, steeping, etc. Apparently, you get more antioxidants & polyphenols since you're actually drinking the whole leaf, not just steeping some of those compounds out of it. I'm something of a tea snob, so I was skeptical about drinking an "instant" tea, especially one that was "lightly sweetened" according to the label (that usually means too sweet to me). When we mixed it up, we were even more skeptical because it looked sort of gross. But after one sip, we were all (me, my DH, and our 2.5 year old son) big fans...our son immediately exclaimed, "I wuv dis green tea!" which pretty much summed it up for all three of us. It just has a really smooth, pleasant, not at all bitter taste. It's barely sweet (they used "low carb fruit sugar" and it only has 10 kcal per cup) and we thought it tasted ever-so-slightly vanilla.

    Sorry this got so long, but I am very excited to have discovered such a refreshing, healthy, easy to make beverage just before the hot weather gets here! Hope you all get a chance to try it!

    Unfortunately, I don't live anywhere near a Trader Joe's, so I asked someone I know in MA to look for it. No luck, and the store manager had no idea either. Has anyone out there ever tried it? Do they still carry it?


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    I googled it and it still shows up on a list of products that Trader Joe's carries. It looks like this is what they have:

    Maybe with the brand name and an image of the box, your friends will be able to find it?
    Here's a place where they sell it online:
    <)>>< Candace ><<)>

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    Thanks, Cangoss! I think what I'm looking for is a powder form. It's used in Japanese tea ceremonies (I heard about it from a tea ceremony demonstration) and is, I think, mixed with hot water and whisked so it's kind of frothy.

    But if I can't find that stuff, then I might give the soyfusion a try! Wonder if my grocery store would order it for me??

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