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Thread: Does Whole Foods carry Creme Fraiche?

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    Does Whole Foods carry Creme Fraiche?

    I am not too sure about making this on my own but have seen alot of recipes in the archives that call for it. Can I look forward to buying this when our Whole Foods opens? The Fresh Market doesn't have it.
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    I know that the one I go to does carry it - usually in with either the fresh cheeses or sometimes they will put it in with the sour cream. They almost always have one that is made by the Vermont Butter & Cheese company... enjoy it!!!
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    Thank you!

    I'm looking forward to being able to make some of these great recipes from the archives I'm busily bookmarking tons of recipes (neatly categorized of course LOL )
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    Whole Foods does carry it, as does Trader Joe's. Lately, I've even seen it at the "regular" grocery store, too!

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