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Thread: Substitution for Polenta?

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    Substitution for Polenta?

    I'm looking at a recipe in Feb 2006 issue of Bon Appetit, Kale and Mushrooms with Creamy Polenta.

    A friend recently gave me a bag of Red Mill "Golden Corn Flour Masa Harina". Ingredients are stone ground corn and lime. Could I use this as substitution for polenta? Can I use plain cornmeal as substitution for polenta?


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    Yes, you can sub cornmeal for polenta and I wouldn't sub the Masa harina because of the lime.

    From Foodsubs

    polenta = mush Pronunciation: puh-LEN-tah Notes: This Italian specialty is made of cornmeal that's been cooked into a thick mush. The mush is either served hot, much as Americans would serve mashed potatoes, or it's cooled, sliced, and then fried, grilled, or baked. It's easy to make at home, or you can get tubes of ready-made polenta in the refrigerated section of many supermarkets.
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    I don't know about the Harina, but you can use regular corn meal. I'm not a polenta expert, but have done it a couple of times.

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