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Thread: Value??? Currier & Ives "Early Winter" dinnerware by Royal China

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    Value??? Currier & Ives "Early Winter" dinnerware by Royal China

    I'm having a yard sale and one of the items I want to get rid of is this dinnerware. The pattern is "Early Winter". It is blue and white, with a scene in the middle of each piece. Are any of you familiar with this pattern? I don't want to sell something really valuable and miss out on the price it might bring (if it is valuable). Thanks for your help.

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    I sold some of this on eBay. Some people left it in one of out mobile homes that we rent. Mine was blue and white...and it comes in green and white, too. go to eBay and check see what the going prices are. You may want to consider selling the set separately, in other words, all of the bowls together, all of the plates, together....My bowls went for the highest amount of money.

    For example I found this 10 inch plate:

    This is the 10" dinner plate sells from $4.00-$8.00 and is in the dinnerware line with the Currier & Ives scenes made by the Royal China Company from 1949 to 1986. It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks or repairs and the print is very good. There are a few very light, very minor utensil scratches. During the 1950's it was given away as premiums through the A & P stores and it continued to be made in some pieces up till Royal closed in 1986. Although the majority of the Currier & Ives is found in blue on white, it can also be found in pink, green or brown on white and there are also color variations found in the blue. It is 10" in diameter. Shipping costs within US: $5.75 to $9.55 for Priority Mail Insured or $5.65 to $7.32 for Parcel Post Insured. Special order such as Federal Express, UPS, Overnight, etc....
    Please PM me if you have any questions. Perhaps I can help you with some research if I know exactly what you have
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    Also check out They not only have one of the largest selections of china anywhere, they also will buy your china or crystal off of you. Obviously they're not going to give you their going rate to buy it, but what I was offered for my crystal was about 60-70% of their retail price.
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    Takes me back to my childhood - my mother had that set of dishes back in the '60's - didn't everybody's mother? Very collectible these days - see this listing...
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    Post Currier & Ives by Royal China

    Royal China made thousands of different patterns until they closed in 1986, but there are only less than 10 popular ones today, the most popular of which is the blue "Currier & Ives". They were popular because they were: 1) cheap (most given away as premiums at stores such as A&P and Winn-Dixie; 2) not fragile and also long wearyng: and 3) were attractive and had popular themes. The popular patterns are now classified as"collectibles". As far as value goes. it is the same "supply and demand" factors that come into play. You can't give away tea cups but rare items sell from $10 TO $1,000+
    For retail values see my site
    or Replacements.
    There are two major clubs for the Royal China afficiando:
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