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Thread: Keeping shredded cabbage fresh?

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    Question Keeping shredded cabbage fresh?

    We are off to the annual family reunion tomorrow. I am bringing Confetti Vegetable Slaw. My plan is to chop/shred all the vegetables, store them in plastic freezer bags, keep them in the cooler on ice and assemble Saturday for the big picnic.

    But I was wondering if I shred all the cabbage at home tomorrow (Friday) AM before we leave will the shredded cabbage stay fresh/crisp in the cooler in bags until Saturday PM when we have the cookout? I won't have access to a fridge and really didn't want to shred the cabbage at the park (don't want to bring the shredder etc, if I don't have to)

    So does anyone know if the cabbage will stay fresh that way?

    Thanks, Becky

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    Yes, I have done this several times. I think that as long as you keep the vegetables chilled and separate, you should be just fine!

    Have a great time!

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    I, too, have been able to keep shredded cabbage fresh in plastic bags for a day or two. It should work. If you have any doubts about moisture, stick a paper towel in the plastic bag.


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