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Thread: Bottled minced garlic: how long does it last?

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    Bottled minced garlic: how long does it last?

    I bought a pretty large jar of minced garlic at BJs recently. How long will it keep in the fridge once opened? I've never used the bottled garlic before, and it has an odd smell anyhow, so I don't think I'd trust myself to judge its freshness by smell. FWIW, I've been using it for a couple of weeks and it seems fine.

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    The odd smell is probably from the citric acid used as a preservative. I use somewhat small bottles and they seem to last a good long while...I know not exactly an accurate term but it is what it is...
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    Well, ok maybe not really, but it seriously seems to last a really super long time!! I also keep a small jar in my fridge and use it for several months, since I don't always use just jarred garlic. BUT! My parents use the giant jars from Costco and some take only a couple months to get through and then they have a 'slow garlic season' and the same jug lasts several (or more!?) months to get through! The preserver seems to work pretty well!
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    before I was addicted to the Food Network ( ), I never knew how the heck to chop garlic (who knew it was so easy and quick?) and only used the large bottles of it. Mine Always had a date on the cap or the bottle somewhere. I was shocked how long it would last, I think (deffinatly go look on your jar, because I may be wrong here, as its been a few years since i've used it) it lasted a year or more in the jar

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    I used mine for years. Plural.
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