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Thread: Are cooked pig bones safe for dogs to chew?

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    Question Are cooked pig bones safe for dogs to chew?

    My DBF went to a pig roast over the weekend and very proudly presented me (and my dogs) with a huge bag of scraps and bones.

    I've always given my dogs uncooked marrow bones to chew on. I've heard that cooked bones tend to splinter. Does anyone know if cooked pig bones are ok for dogs to gnaw on?

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    I had always heard not to give dogs pork or chicken bones.
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    I am personally paranoid about any bones. I wouldn't give either of my dogs any real bones at all. To me, since there are plenty of other things to give them to chew on that are much safer, it just isn't worth the risk. And I never give them anything to chew that comes apart and can be ingested unless I am there to supervise.

    They do have hard nylabones that they can't destroy they can chew if I'm not home, and they have toys that they're not interested in chewing to play with that I'm not worried about, but no rawhide or anything they could choke on unless I can be around to pay attention. I guess I'm just paranoid.

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    Cooked bones are a big no no as the cooking process makes them brittle and they will splinter.

    The only chicken bones you can give to a dog are the ends of the legs. The knobby part. These can be cooked or uncooked.

    Beef bones are ok like the big soup bones, but don't panic if you give one to your dog and see blood on the bone as they will scrape their gums and the area around the tooth may bleed a little from pressure they will exert while chewing on them.

    I have never given pork bones. I never give rawhide or the nylon bones anymore after watching 2 dogs choke. (neighbor's dog choked and had to have surgery from a piece of rawhide he gnawed off and it got lodged in his thoat and the saliva caused it to expand and slime up so he couldn't get it down or out)

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    The Sunday Early Show on CBS happened to do a piece on this that I caught. Actually it was about those dental treats called "Greenies". Apparently some dogs have died from eating too many of these and getting them caught in their throat or other GI areas. They don't break down as easily as other substances.

    They said to never give a dog anything to chew unless he is supervised. That is ideal, but sometimes not practical.

    I have wondered about soup bones. I have one friend who puts peanut butter in the bone and lets her dog chew on it, she says it really calms him down to get that chewing out of his system. Those big beef soup marrow bones look very substantial to me, unless you have a huge dog I would think they would not break apart. I still have been afraid to try them with our 9 month old dog though.

    I have never heard anything good about rawhide - yet every pet store seems to have big quantities of them in stock. Someone is buying them!

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    We give our boys the compressed rawhide, but only when they are right in the room with us. Sometimes, they get caught, but I'm always able to dislodge them... and the boys are very patient about it, mostly!

    I have only given greenies once -- my boys didn't like them. The big leg bones were recommended by our vet, but they're too messy! It will keep them busy for a while though, but they each want the other's bones, and got a little grumpy with each other...
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    i would NEVER give cooked pork bones to my dogs. i actually wouldn't give the big marrow soup bone to them either. way too much worry for me when there are other options like peanut butter in a kong even if the dogs dont choke on the bones, they could cause an obstruction and end up causing a costly surgery.
    - Josie

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