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Thread: Bread pudding vs. baked french toast..

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    Bread pudding vs. baked french toast..

    ...what's the difference?

    I made a bread pudding last night, and honestly, it just tasted like a sweeter overnight french toast. I know I have had bread pudding out at a restaurant and it was much more pudding-y...but it has been years...are they the one and the same?

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    "Baked French toast" is really just bread pudding. The proportion of custard to bread varies in bread puddings. Some are much more custardy, where there is definitely custard with bread in it after baking. In others, the bread soaks up all the custard, so the final result has a firm texture. Sometimes the bread is cubed, sometimes it's in slices. There isn't one right way, just lots of different versions.

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    Depending on the recipe, most are about the same. To me, Baked French Toast is just a reason to have dessert for breakfast. It sounds so much better than having pudding.

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