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Thread: Room Temperature Turkey before Cooking?

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    Room Temperature Turkey before Cooking?

    I know that most meats you should bring to room temperature before cooking. Do you think this holds true for a turkey? This is only my second Thanksgiving and can't remember what I did two years ago (let alone last week)! TIA

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    I bring the bird out about an hour before it goes in the oven.
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    I do, too, but for 1.5 hours. I think W-Sonoma said you have a max of two hours b4 getting the bird into the oven; b/c it's so heavy, it stays cold longer than, say, a chicken that you might pull out for 45-60 min, max. And I always buy a huge turkey (this year's the biggest ever: 25.83 lbs. so I used every minute of that 1.5 hours).
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