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Thread: Where to get gingerbread house kits?

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    Where to get gingerbread house kits?

    I know you can get them at various stores and online, but I'm wondering if anyone's had good luck with these? I'm not really up for baking my own houses, but I would if I had to. Can anyone offer advice or suggestions? Or better yet, experience with good kits? I have two boys, ages 5 and 6, who are chomping at the bit to make gingerbread houses. Thanks in advance.

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    I've bought kits from Target and Michael's, and had good luck with both. I do usually buy extra candy to decorate with, but IMO the kits are the way to go for the basic structure if you just want a plain house -- much, much easier than baking your own.

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    There are two things you can count on in life: duct tape and Costco
    I just saw a GB kit at costco and if something bad happens to your new little house, make sure you have some duct tape handy!

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    I torture myself each year with those kits!! They do work, but the thing to remember is let them set before you start decorating! I always set up the walls and roof and get impatient.

    We put one together on Sunday- I bought extra candy because they never give you enough. We bought dots, red hots, and sour skittles (the look 'frosted') You may want more icing. The kit I bought came with one tube of Betty Crocker icing and it was only white. It was fine for my kids (4 and 5). It was a lot of fun for them. My daughter was very into it.

    Overall, the kits work very good, but I usually struggle getting the peices together- mostly because I run out of patience. I put the 2 walls on and hold it for a couple of minutes. Then I put the other end on, then let that sit, then the roof and let the whole thing set for about 15 minutes. But remember to be gentle when putting the decorations on. My kids were very good about not pressing too hard to secure candies.

    I got mine at the supermarket (my son wanted it). I've seen them at Walmart, Target, food stores and craft stores (Michaels and Rag Shop).

    I'll never forget the year my mom wanted me to make one she saw in a magazine! No baking- all store bought cookies, but it took forever! I wouldn't let anyone eat it.

    Have fun!
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    I just did a marathon Gingerbread making day with my daughter's class. Her teacher bought almond bark instead of using royal icing and it held together well plus it set up fast. The gingerbread house won second place in our local competition!

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    If you live near a Randall's or Safeway store, they have bare houses built and ready to decorate.

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    Trader Joe's has them as well.
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    I was just at Bed, Bath, & Beyond this morning and they also have them.

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    I ordered one from King Arthur. We had OK success with the wilton last year and am hoping KA will be easier - may be dreaming there. DS should have fun with it, and that is all that counts!

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