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Thread: How to pronounce "Le Creuset?"

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    How to pronounce "Le Creuset?"

    My dad sent me a nice Le Creuset pot for Christmas - just curious how you pronounce it.


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    Americanised or authentic French?
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    Last year, when I called a local kitchen shop looking for a Le Creuset Dutch oven, the woman who answered the phone kindly corrected my pronunciation to "le crew-say".

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    I've always said/heard "le [rhymes with 'the'] crewSAY". Guess the same as oceanjasper's customer service person....
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    I'm pretty sure it's pronounced Le Cruh-zay

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    I was going to say "expensive."

    I couldn't really add anything to the posts above -- I think they got it.

    I don't own one and have avoided them because of the weight and my neck/arm problems. All the talk about them here has me wanting to check out at least one Dutch oven though. Enjoy yours.

    What color is yours? So I can live vicariously if nothing else.

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