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Thread: Is there a substitute for whipping cream?

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    Question Is there a substitute for whipping cream?

    I was just about to make some peanut butter & choclate bars and realized I never picked up the whipping cream I need to add to the chocolate chips when I melt them for the chocolate layer. Anything else I could use with the chocolate chips?
    Thanks for your help!

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    Hmmmm... I am not sure, but I know in the chocolate bars I make I use sweetened condensed milk-but that leaves it with a softer consistency-if you are looking for it to harden I wouldn't use this! Good Luck!
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    If what you are doing is basically a thin glaze, you can use evaporated milk or even whatever milk you have in the frig. If what you are doing is more complicated or takes a large amount of dairy, I'd probably use the evaporated milk. The result won't be as "rich" or silky but still very good. Make sure you heat the liquid first, drop in the choco chips and let sit for a few minutes before beginning to stir them together--.

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    I have a brownie recipe that makes a glaze from chocolate chips and butter, melted together in a saucepan over low heat. The proportions are 12 oz. chocolate chips and 1 stick of butter, you could scale that up or down as you'd like.
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